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Risks of Disjointed Communications Technologies: A RingCentral Survey

This week, RingCentral released a new report titled “Overcoming the Digital Disconnect: How Disjointed Communications Technologies Are Letting Customers Down — and How to Solve It.” Based on our global survey of 2,000 customer-facing employees conducted by CITE Research, this report reveals a direct connection between employee and customer engagement. We believe that this is a problem that RingCentral is poised uniquely to solve.

Specifically, the data in our report show that disjointed communications technologies harm employee productivity and morale, and these disjointed communications technologies also hurt customer satisfaction and the bottom line. 75% of customer-facing employees say they can’t effectively service customers due to these issues of disjointedness and that such problems make it difficult to collaborate with coworkers, hinder productivity, and make them unhappy at work. Sadly, this isn’t just a work issue; 50% of employees say they take this frustration home and are more likely to be rude to their family and friends. Considering that customers don’t tolerate poor service, dropping an average of four brands per year for that reason, this is a costly problem for everyone involved.

RingCentral offers solutions. Our seamless platform lets employees navigate easily among all the ways they communicate and collaborate with coworkers and customers. When there is no disjointedness in your communications technologies, you have more satisfied employees and more satisfied customers — and a better bottom line. That’s a win-win-win!

To learn more about this and other findings on AI, team messaging and video meetings, read the full report here.

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.