Building Your Career Curriculum

Commitment to lifelong learning is one of the critical building blocks of a good career. To reach new levels in your working life, it may help to look at your career in the same way as you approached your school career. Our early years are like elementary school, the years in which we leverage the basics. Mid-career is a key time to seek out opportunities for growth, and movement is often both lateral and upward. Our later-career years are when we can look back and know that we have learned and grown a lot and can share our experiences for the benefit of others.

Have you considered how to build your own career curriculum? For my advice on how to achieve your goals in the early years, mid-career, and in the later years, please check out the following three posts on my LinkedIn:

Building Your Career Curriculum: The Early Years

Building Your Career Curriculum: Mid-Career

Building Your Career Curriculum: The Later-Career Years

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Kira Makagon is a successful serial entrepreneur and tech industry leader. A graduate of UC Berkeley with both an undergraduate degree in computer science and an MBA, she enjoys sharing her lessons learned from being a veteran “only woman in the room.”

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