My Top 4 Productivity Hacks

When it comes to productivity, I’ve learned a lot over the years about how to manage my time and tasks in order to be as effective as possible both at work and at home. Given the fast pace of my start-ups that have become successful businesses, I’ve had to learn how to pace myself so that I can strike the balance between working hard and not feeling overworked. The best way I’ve found to pace myself is by structuring my days with optimal productivity in mind.

My top 4 #productivityhacks include:

Organization. I like to use tools that help me to streamline and to organize my work, such as Glip, RingCentral’s team workspace for collaboration. By using Glip with my teams, real-time messaging, task management, videoconferencing, shared calendars, shared files, and more are all in one space instead of cluttering my e-mail inbox.

Starting meetings on time. In reality, meetings often run overtime, but this can throw off a whole workday. I do my best to keep meetings on-track via a clear agenda. If follow-up from previous meetings is required, and if it will be for future tasks, I assign clear responsibility so that all parties know what to expect. Glip helps with task assignment and tracking, too.

Delegation. You cannot be a leader without mastering this skill. If you’ve chosen your staff well, you won’t need to micromanage them, either. Delegation with checks and balances is what works for me.  And I encourage teams to collaborate so that not every issue bubbles up to me.

Fun. I do what I can to take the pressure off of myself. We spend so much of our lives at work, and it’s important to want to be there and to not feel too stressed out all of the time. And during my precious downtime, I definitely take time to recharge. Keeping a sense of humor and not taking myself too seriously may be my favorite productivity hacks. I’m a lot more productive when I’m happy.

What #productivityhacks would you add to my list?

This article first appeared as part of a series on LinkedIn in which professionals share their secrets to being more productive. Read related posts here.

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