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Online/Offline Connectivity Continues

Not long ago I had referenced a media article about Google’s partnership with Barnes and Noble. It came to mind while reading some of the media articles about Amazon opening up a physical store to enable same-day pick up of online orders placed through its Amazon.com site. It’s not the first time that Amazon has laid the foundation for integrating its online offerings with the offline world, but it certainly sparks excitement and ideas for innovations and technologies that connected the online and offline consumer market. For startup entrepreneurs and investors, this is a great arena to watch. There have been multiple new startups in the space and we can likely expect more to come in the future. 

Google’s Partnership With Barnes And Noble An Emerging Startup Trend?

The news of Google’s partnership with brick-and-mortar retailer Barnes and Noble this past month was an interesting read. Just a few short years ago, web technology companies and services often worked to compete against legacy businesses, but today we’re seeing many more partner to enhance the business for both instead. Startup InstaCart , for example, is leveraging brick-and-mortar grocery stores with its grocery delivery service, and there are several other new companies tapping into similar concepts. It’s certainly not the first time these types of relationships have been seen in business, but the recent uptick may point to a new hot area for startups. It’s going to be great to see how it continues and advances.