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My Thoughts About Gender Balance In The Workplace on Project Eve

I shared thoughts about gender balance in the workplace on Project Eve this past week. Project Eve is a great resource for women in business. It offers mentoring, networking and support for women across multiple industries and markets, as well as commentary, news and insight. It was great to talk about the topic among its online community. Thank you to Project Eve for including me!

The Huffington Post This Past Week

I’ve shared thoughts about how colleges can grow women participation in computer science programs this past week on The Huffington Post. I was among the early group of women to participate in a university science program years ago at Berkeley. It’s led to so many wonderful opportunities and experiences. I’d love to see more people enter the field, including women. You can read the article here.

Sharing Thoughts On Women In Tech With ENTweak

I participated in a great article about women in technology business in ENTweak this past week. The article discusses and explores the roles that women are currently choosing in the technology industry, along with what might help increase and drive further growth among women in technology careers. It’s a good read with some outstanding insight from several others in the industry. I’ve talked further about how to take women in tech to the next level here as well. Thank you to ENTweak for including me in the article this week.

On Women And College Computer Science Programs

I really enjoyed this read in the New York Times about women and computer science programs at colleges and universities. Whether it is men or women, everyone can benefit from mentorship, but where it does directly affect women is by helping younger generations chart a course in the industry as well as build relationships that have long-range value. Although, this piece begs the question – what majors are women choosing if not in computer science? I highly recommend reading this article and I look forward to further thoughts and conversations about it.