This Month on HuffPo: What the Kleiner Perkins Trial Really Means for Gender in Silicon Valley


This month on the Huffington Post, I offer my thoughts on what the Ellen Pao vs. Kleiner Perkins trial really means for gender in Silicon Valley. Since I often write and speak about the importance of gender diversity in the workplace, I followed this trial with great interest, as the issues it raised are significant factors in many women’s everyday work lives. The dialogue that this case sparked with regard to issues of gender at work is an important one that I hope will continue long after the news interest in this sensational case wanes.

To me, Pao’s case really wasn’t about its specific outcome; it was about shining a spotlight on issues of gender discrimination and sexism that we all know exist. It’s my hope that the attention on these important issues results not in more legal action but, rather, in more open-mindedness to gender issues accompanied by a desire to deal with these issues constructively. In my companies, I strive to implement gender-neutral policies as one effective approach.

For more of my thoughts on the significance of this trial and on how businesses can be more mindful of gender issues, please click here to read my original piece on the Huffington Post.

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