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This Month on HuffPo: Learning the Product-Market Fit Tango


This month on the Huffington Post, I discuss the topic of Product-Market Fit. This topic was the subject of a panel on which I participated as part of an Astia portfolio gathering in San Francisco recently. That conversation was moderated by Jamie Lerner of Seagate and joined by David Weiden of Khosla Ventures, J.L. Valente of Seagate, and me.

For our panel, we kicked off with a quote from Marc Andreessen: “Product-Market Fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy the market.” We talked about how you get to product/market fit and how you recognize it when you’ve got it (or when you don’t).

In my experience, the baseline responsibility as an entrepreneur is to build something that people need and want. When you’ve got it right, that’s Product-Market Fit. There are some basics that every entrepreneur needs to know when considering Product-Market Fit, and I share those basics on this month’s HuffPo. Click here to read about how focusing on Product-Market Fit grows companies successfully from start-ups into lasting businesses.