Making Collaboration as Pervasive as Dial Tone: This Week on HuffPo


This week on the Huffington Post, I discuss workplace communications and collaboration technology. With RingCentral’s acquisition of Glip this summer, we now offer a single stream of communications that flows across all devices and flexes to support multiple modes of communication and collaboration: team chat, document sharing, project and task management, plus voice and video calls and conferences. This blending of synchronous and asynchronous communication reflects the real workstream of a team and allows for maximum communication and collaboration benefit.

To get work done, we need to communicate, and we need to collaborate. The distinction between the two will fade as we break down the barriers between different modes of interaction – all the ways we exchange messages, share documents, or connect in real time.

We built our company around reinventing phone service in the cloud. We recognize businesses need a broader range of communications and collaboration options, but to really make a difference they need to be broadly used. Collaboration needs to be as pervasive as dial tone. Read my case for this on this week’s HuffPo by clicking here.

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Kira Makagon is a successful serial entrepreneur and tech industry leader. A graduate of UC Berkeley with both an undergraduate degree in computer science and an MBA, she enjoys sharing her lessons learned from being a veteran “only woman in the room.”

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