This Month on HuffPo: 3 Ways to Innovate at Your Company


This month on the Huffington Post, I muse about how companies generate and maintain innovation. Innovating means disrupting — challenging the status quo even for very successful products. At my company, RingCentral, we serve a growing customer base that relies on our suite of cloud communications products to run their own businesses. In support of that, we drive innovation in three different ways: by inventing and building new, native products in-house, through acquisition, and through partnerships. For examples of each of these three types of innovation, and for more of my thoughts on what innovating means, please click through to read my full piece on the Huffington Post.

What types of innovation excite you?

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Kira Makagon is a successful serial entrepreneur and tech industry leader. A graduate of UC Berkeley with both an undergraduate degree in computer science and an MBA, she enjoys sharing her lessons learned from being a veteran “only woman in the room.”

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