This Month on HuffPo: Getting to 50%: Where Women-Founded Companies Are Gaining Ground


This month on the Huffington Post, I share some good news regarding the future of women in tech.  Sometimes, it can feel like there’s a nonstop barrage of news about the challenges that female tech entrepreneurs face. Recently, I moderated a panel of women tech leaders who feel differently. We used our airtime on that panel to focus on the positive, sharing the gains and strategies that have helped us to become successful.

In that vein, I’m happy to have come across some good news: a Crunchbase study recently indicated that companies led by women founders are trending upward, noting that 17.91% of companies seeking funding in 2014 were women-led, up from 9.52% in 2009. The Crunchbase study also showed where these founders are most likely to be located — and, much to my surprise, the answer: not in Silicon Valley!

To learn more about where women-founded companies are gaining ground, please click here to read my piece on HuffPo.

How do you view the future of women-founded companies? What do you think needs to happen for it to be yet more promising?


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Kira Makagon is a successful serial entrepreneur and tech industry leader. A graduate of UC Berkeley with both an undergraduate degree in computer science and an MBA, she enjoys sharing her lessons learned from being a veteran “only woman in the room.”

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