YWCA Tribute to Women Honor


Kira Makagon, Honoree, EVP of Innovations, and Vlad Shmunis, CEO, Founder, and Chairman of the Board, Ring Central; photo credit: YWCA of Silicon Valley

Recently, I felt honored to be recognized in the 2015 YWCA Tribute to Women Awards Program. The program read: “As Executive VP of Innovation at RingCentral, Kira Makagon is an exceptional leader, innovator, coach, mentor, and a strong female role model in the technology industry. Makagon proudly represents 700 employees (60% of the RingCentral organization) spread across four continents. She is a key player in developing the up-market strategy for the company and has a direct role in the company’s 40% year-on-year business growth.”

The YWCA asked me to share around 30 words of advice to women for a successful life. I offered: “Follow your dreams, and set ambitious goals. Go at your own pace, and don’t waste energy wondering if some things would be easier if you were male. In an ideal world. our workplaces would be completely gender-neutral, and our homes would be balanced, too.”

I’d like to thank the YWCA for this honor and for all that the organization does to advance women. I’d also like to congratulate my fellow honorees, listed here.

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About Kira Makagon

Kira Makagon is a successful serial entrepreneur and tech industry leader. A graduate of UC Berkeley with both an undergraduate degree in computer science and an MBA, she enjoys sharing her lessons learned from being a veteran “only woman in the room.”

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